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Up & Down, moving with ease

This article is inspired by Irene Lyon and Elia Mrak. I attended a workshop with them in Vancouver which was called “Up&Down”. I also stayed in a dorm at BCU campus with access to the beach and water, which is … Continue reading

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Felt-Sensing and the preciousness of an ordinary touching moment This popular saying, “the eyes are the windows of the soul” came spontaneously to mind, when I saw a photo, which a dear friend of mine took. We had just finished … Continue reading

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Do you dare to live YOUR life?

What would happen if you allowed life to move through you?   Moving with versus resisting. Not getting trapped in thoughts and beliefs, judgments and plans.  Just going along with what is. Period! Sunday morning.  I am waking up.  No agenda, … Continue reading

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A conscious way

Gruess Gott to you all,   I hope you all experienced your summer in a conscious way, noticing what was happening, the choices you made and how it made you feel. Yes, summer is over and you haven’t heard from … Continue reading

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Generative Coaching asks for Intention and Courage

Whether our intention is to change ourselves or some element of the world around us, we cannot simply wish for transformation or hope that our lives will be altered through circumstance. If our patterns of thought and behavior remain unchanged, … Continue reading

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