Invitation to the Create & Rejuvenate Workshop June 2019

You are invited to the Create and Rejuvenate with Rona Yellow Robe and Elisabeth Lentz this June, 2019 during the Solstice Flute Festival at the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah. 

Please, follow the link to register and get more information:

Rona and Elisabeth look forward to seeing you in Midway on the mat!

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Up & Down, moving with ease

20180809_230401138_iOSThis article is inspired by Irene Lyon and Elia Mrak. I attended a workshop with them in Vancouver which was called “Up&Down”. I also stayed in a dorm at BCU campus with access to the beach and water, which is so integrating.20180809_230411579_iOS

The average age of the participants was probably 50 plus if not 60 plus. All interested in bringing more ease into their lives on all levels.


Guiding with the ring finger! Quite gentle yet precise. Alternating between being guided and guiding. Have fun and play!

This spoke strongly to me, since I have always believed, and still do, if we can bring ease to our body and movement, it transfers miraculously to our attitude and outlook on life in general, bringing more harmony inside and out. I learned that with aging comes a fear of falling, since we have lost the relationship to the ground. We harden and resist, we strain to stay up. Maybe we all can learn again to return more to the ground and connect with what supports us. Sort of in reverse of what we did as infants trying tirelessly to rise up and stand. UP &DOWN was the topic of the workshop and it made a lot of sense to my body.

I became more aware, how and where I strain and push through limitations, without respect. I started wondering, may be that is not necessary and there is maybe an easier, softer, kinder way to move up & down, forward & back and around. To walk my path with the intention of ease and attention, a flexible focus of opening and closing. Playfully experimenting softening the body, mind and soul. The gentleness towards myself made me feel fluidly strong alive and supported. Moving between and with a group of 30 people, following my way, seeing the other, sensing the whole group, being my authentic self with others, gives me hope for what we humans are capable of.

This being together, moving together, asks for an awareness of self/me, an awareness of you, all the others, everyone and everything, the room, the floor, all included, playing like an orchestra, taking turns, playing solos, playing together, loud, soft, fast, slow, actively resting, creating and playing with each other.  Including and expressing our unique gift and capacity openly, with joy. Everyone watching, so we assume the responsibility of being authentic!  I strongly sensed, that 30 embodied individual beings, are so much more, than the sum of 1+1+1+1+1+1+1…….=30.  30  aware strangers co-existing and interconnecting is a harmonious beautiful wonder and it gives me hope and trust for human kind. I am inspired to practice this in my daily life and have wish to share with ease an easier way of being together.

Moving with Ease and Authenticity

It took me quite some courage to share my first video with you, since it is an experiment and certainly not perfect. Yet, it takes courage not to be perfect and to fail. Somehow I think we would have so much more fun if we would meet each other in our imperfect ways openly and humble. Here is my not so perfect offering, yet maybe you get a sense what I try to share. If this work intrigues you please reach out and we can work together.

Moving with Ease and Authenticity





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2019 Create & Rejuvenate with Rona & Elisabeth

You are invited to join Rona Yellow Robe and Elisabeth Lentz  to participate in a one of a kind workshop in exploring your body, mind and soul.  This will be another unique experience in “Healing through Sound & Movement”  held at the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah during the Summer Solstice Flute Festival 2019

Reserve your spot now!

Please, specify date and time by clicking on the preferred date! 

BUY NOW HERE: Friday, June 21, 2019 2:30 – 4:30 pm

BUY NOW HERE: Saturday, June 22, 2019 9:00 – 11 am

What: Healing through movement workshop

For whom: Everyone who is curious to explore and play. No experience necessary, able to get down and up and down and up from the floor unassisted, slow and clumsy is perfectly ok.

When: Friday, June 21 2:30 -4:30 and Saturday, June 22 9:00 – 11:00am

Where: In theMain Pavillion Bldg. in Midway, Utah at the Homestead Resort

Cost: $57  click on the preferred date above!

What to bring:  An open mind, a mat or two, blankets and pillow to make yourself comfortable on the ground.  In case you are local, bring extra to share with others.

Memories from June 2017, when we were teaching in a Teepee.   Note, due to temperature and space, the 2019 workshops are held in the Main Pavillion Building at the Homestead Resort.

If you have any questions just contact Elisabeth or Rona below!





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Zion Retreat 2018



Sorry this Retreat is booked full! If you are interested, please, contact Elisabeth! 

Why not be the creator of a follow-up Retreat?  This offering is a unique experience in the Red Rock desert in Zion National Park. We will be playing with a variety of movements, mindfulness, exploring the self and community, in a healing and safe environment, all supported by nature and silence! I truly believe everyone can heal with presence, intention, support and safety.

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Voyager Flute Festival


Rona Yellow Robe and Elisabeth Lentz are offering a Create & Rejuvenate Workshop during the Festival. It was sold out last year at the Park City Flute Festival.

Create & Rejuvenate Workshop

When? Saturday, April 7th, 11:15 – 1:30pm.
Where? Voyager RV Resort, Tucson, Arizona, Catalina Room
Who? This is beneficial to everyone at every level, even if it’s your first time.

What to bring? An open mind, a blanket or two, a mat or quilt to lay on and a pillow for your comfort. We will be working on the floor.

Fee: $45  Reserve your spot now!  Space is limited.
Reserve your spot now!

Facilitators: Elisabeth Lentz and Rona Yellow Robe
Rona Yellow Robe – Healer with Sound and Elisabeth Lentz – Mindful Movement & Yoga & Meditation practitioner – will create a safe space for you to release, connect, and rejuvenate in their two-hour Mindful Movement & Meditation & Sound session. Come join in this physical, spiritual, and mentally invigorating experience.
$45 Reserve your spot now!–>

Please, contacting: if you have questions, or text/call 435-640-4885

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Create & Rejuvenate Workshop

Rona Yellow Robe – Healer with Sound & Elisabeth Lentz – Mindful Movement & Yoga practitioner – will create a space for you to Release, Connect, and Rejuvenate in their two-hour Mindful Movement & Meditation & Sound session. Come join in this physical, spiritual, and mentally invigorating experience.

Where:This session will be held in the Teepee on the lawn at the Homestead Resort in Midway.
Who: This is beneficial and inclusive to everyone at every level, even if it’s your first time.
When: June 23, 4 – 6
What to bring: An open mind and if possible a blanket or mat and pillow, we do provide extras!
Fee: $35    Space is limited.  Thank you to all!  Workshop is Sold Out! Please, have yourself put on the waiting list by contacting: Elisabeth.

You might be also interested in the Retreat on Molokai with Rona and Elisabeth, reserve your spot and check out the information by going to the Molokai tab.

Mindfulness ElisabethSound Healing Rona

Fee: $35    Space is limited,  Thank you to all  Workshop is Sold Out! Please, have yourself put on the waiting list by contacting: Elisabeth.

You might be also interested in the Retreat on Molokai with Rona and Elisabeth, check out the information by going to the Molokai tab.

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Clarity and Awakened Senses

Clarity and Awakened Senses

Dear friends and students,
After a week of Silence (Vipassana) at the Last Resort, with sitting meditation around a warm wood-stove and walking meditation amidst snow flurries,I feel more awake and clear in this world.  Robb and I added 5 days around St.George, to explore and enjoy the desert, biking and hiking.
Maybe it was the silence or maybe the high altitude, which blew our senses open. We both experienced the colors as more brilliant, heard the sounds of the desert wind, birds and other critters, like music in our systems and every rock formation told a story from way back when. We felt like Toddlers, relaxed jaw in awe looking, listening, exploring, curious to see what we would find around the next corner.  Our bodies transitioned from skiing all season, to sitting for a week, to biking and hiking in the heat of the desert, seamlessly.
Before we ventured out each day on foot or bike, we were able to keep our morning practice alive. This meant getting up early, a cup of tea, followed by joint opening movements before sitting for 30 – 45 minutes, mindfully moving through some Yoga Asanas to get our bodies gently primed for a day of desert adventure. It was truly a treat for me to experience the silence and the teachings together with my husband and as a couple. I still wonder how did I get here?  I am in awe watching the transition from Parenthood to the excitement creating a life as empty nesters. The opportunities which are appearing to getting to know each other at an even deeper level, aging as an opportunity, growing younger towards death.  The solitude and beauty of the desert makes it easy to find ground, new ground to step off from…..Now we are back in Park City and are intending to integrate this practice into our every day lives. Of course, as always, we will keep in mind, that a kind, open and warm attitude is the most important healing ingredient with oneself and others, especially with irregular schedules flying and dealing with jet-lag.
I do feel restored and filled with joy and ease. I look forward to teaching the Mini-Retreat, Wake-up to Yourself in Seattle May 13. If you know anyone, who lives there please share.
In June I’ll attend the Solstice Flute Fest in Midway, even if you don’t play the Native American Flute, check out the schedule, there are fun events going on. I am hoping to put a class together on June 25, co-teaching with Rona Yellow Robe. More details later. 
Rona is going to be my assistant at the Molokai Retreat and there is still space available, so reserve your spot and please, talk to me and spread the word. I truly feel it is an opportunity not to be missed. 
In between the events I’ll be available for private sessions by appointment. Check-out my updated website
I hope this finds you well and enjoying the arrival of spring, you are as much my teachers on this journey and I am grateful for you all being in my life.

With Love and Light,
Tell me, what is it, you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?~Mary Oliver ~
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Journey to your  Inner-Landscape!


This may be the unique opportunity which you have been looking for; A retreat experience of a lifetime on the remote island of Molokai, guided by Elisabeth Lentz.

Aloha & Grüß Gott & Namaste & Happy, Healthy New Year!

Location: Molokai, Hui Ho’olana – Retreat Center, family owned and operated, it feels like a home and fertile ground for Inner-Exploration!

Dates: October 14th – 21st, 2017

Reserve your spot with a $500 deposit today  —> orange-button.png

Total workshop fee including accommodations and food: $2,300

  • (Sign up deposit) – $500 now

Includes: 7 nights’ accommodation, 2 people sharing a room in the lodge or cabin; Single room available at additional cost, 3 well-balanced meals a day, workshop fees (see Retreat details) and use of lodge, teaching-facilities, pool and grounds.

Does not include: Airfare to Molokai and Bodywork, which is offered on location by licensed local massage therapists, optional and by appointment.

Small group size: 12 – 18 participants.

Intention for this Retreat: Intention of the Retreat: “A Journey to your True Self!”  Discovering practical ways to live an authentic life with awareness at work and in relationships”.  Creating the life, you are meant to live, with ease.

Elisabeth Lentz has a degree in Child Development and Social Work, is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist.  She studied with Stephen Gilligan, trained in generative coaching and self-relations, and takes part in his yearly supervision courses.  She is experienced in transformative work through Selene Kumin-Vega, currently enrolled in the Embodied Life School Mentorship program with Russell Delman, she also studied the psychology of the Chakras and is certified in Chakra Therapy through Anodea Judith. Elisabeth owns Restore Balance Today, a private business in Park City, where she holds small group classes and sees private clients. She also guides meditative hikes in the Bavarian Alps, by request.

This 7-day retreat offers an opportunity to step back from the course of your daily life and become familiar with the unconscious parts of you, while held in a safe space. This is an invitation to give yourself the time to welcome all there is to you and your being in this world in this lifetime.  As some of you know, my teachings are embodied experiences, so our activities will include daily meditations, movement lessons, yoga, journaling, guided listening and speaking, as well as deep relaxations and guided journeying, using the Chakra System as a map.  Maybe a shift in perspective can occur, when life is simplified, supported by a caring environment and guided by truth and love?  “How can I be myself while in relationships & community?”  This is a question which we will live with during this week together. The Hui allows us space to deeply dive into the practice of being centered within ourselves while contributing our special selves to actively help build community, sangha, and family. We are social beings after all.

I have personally visited this very unique non-profit Retreat Center, that has been in the Cooke family for over 100 yrs. It is comprised of 65 lush acres dedicated to creating a safe environment for inspiration and growth by nurturing the creative spirit. I am so excited to have been offered a week to teach in their busy calendar and to be able to invite you along! I am confident that we will be supported in the work we will be doing together on all levels. Physical needs will be met with simple, comfortable accommodations in a lodge and cabins, indoor and outdoor showers and tubs, abundant nature, gentle tropical climate, cozy gathering spaces, a pool to relax in, plus lovingly prepared, well-balanced meals by professional chefs.  An organic garden, a native nursery which supports a reforestation project and 3 miles of trails, where you may encounter axis deer, providing enough space for active exploration outwardly and inwardly.

Besides individuals, couples are very much encouraged to attend! Although this is not a relationship retreat per se, by learning how to self-relate, one seems to relate to others naturally in a more compassionate way. Additionally, any caregiver, who has the feeling of burn-out and is in need of a recharge, will really benefit from this Retreat as well.

While this Retreat is a serious, courageous undertaking, I promise you our time together will have lots of laughter and sharing in the richness of each other’s gifts. The time will be balanced between classes and free time, guided silence and socializing, talking, learning, integrating, growing and playing. However, this will not be a “typical Hawaiian vacation”. The Hui is in the center of Molokai on a hill where we have a wonderful view of the ocean and island of Lanai. I highly recommend adding a couple of days in the beginning or at the end of your trip to explore this small, oft-overlooked, precious island on your own. I am happy to assist you with info. I truly believe that Hui Ho’olana is a perfect location to restore, heal and reconnect with yourself. If this resonates with you, please, join me on this one-of-a-kind retreat this coming October.


Retreat Waiver

Travel Information

Molokai Vendor Contacts

Packing List

Why go on a Retreat to Molokai?

Retreat Details


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Mindful Movement course starting January 2017


This course is for anyone who wants to regularly practice with the honest inquiry of becoming fully alive to themselves through deep “looking and listening” as Thich Nhat Hanh would say.  Living an embodied life, which includes your body, your emotional life, your thoughts, and beliefs. Some call it meditative movement, I like to say, it is “Coming Home To Yourself”.

Morning Course ‘A’: Tuesdays

Dates: January 3rd, 10th, 17th and February 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th.
Time: Tuesdays, 7:30 am – 9 am

Fee: $ 120  1 space available!

Morning Course ‘B’: Thursdays

Dates: January 5th, 12th, 19th and February 9th, 16th, 23th and March 2nd.
Time: Thursdays, 8 am – 9:30 am

Fee: $ 120  1 space available! 

Evening Course: Thursdays only!

Dates: January 3rd, 10th, 17th and February 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th.

Fee: $ 120 sold out/full! Call to be put on waiting list.

Location for all Courses: Elisabeth’s Studio, 4950 E Meadows Drive


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Welcome Home – Feeling Blessed

Any direction I look my heart opens, physically expanding, sensing the tissue, the layers between the ribs softening.

I am  allowing the ribs to separate like an accordion, with each breath touching upon another tone, or hue, or taste of what home feels like. Nature couldn’t have provided a better welcome home present. A feast for my eyes, almost overwhelmed by what is coming in, Elisabeth you are home.  This felt sense of home, the warm breeze caressing my skin, the sun warming me from the outside in. My feet feeling the familiar ground, stable, yet softly giving way to every step, the moss resonating with every foot step, bouncing me gracefully around the lake, my  walk feels rich almost royal. The smell of the fresh hay, oh so painfully Continue reading

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