Private Sessions

image07.jpgPrivate Session – Time for Reflection

My individual sessions offer a confidential and safe space, to address any challenges you are facing, “stuck with” or overwhelmed by. These sessions are a self-inquiry into your inner life. Through guided embodiment you’ll become aware of the subtle signs of mind, emotions, body and receiving. These insights allow you to choose actions, which will serve you in your life-growth.  The calm and safe environment of private sessions can often be very effective in going right to the core of very personal, secret issues which appear as challenges in your life right now.  It can also be a place where you can gain more clarity.  

What wants to be heard and addressed now? Especially if life has become flat, numb. If you are wondering what it is all about, or how to practically handle anxiety and stress in your everyday life; may it be work, family or relationships. How do you stay calm and clear in the center of the storm?  Together we will determine what is needed to move towards more wholeness and healing.

As always, I use many modalities from breath work, to mindful movement, to focusing, guided imagery, trans-work, guided relaxation, restorative poses and energy work. Integration of the work happens on different levels of the nervous system as well as the physical level and through the cognitive mind.  This is an all-inclusive learning approach, to finding new ways of being with yourself and therefore the world.

These sessions are by appointment. Please, contact Elisabeth (link to contacts), 435-640-4885,

This is a place to address a personal issue, for which you would like help and guidance. We work together to formulate goals.  Together we determine what is needed to move towards your goals and how to address any inner obstacles that might be in the way.  The method to go about this may include creative, mindful movement, breath work, guided imagery or trans work.  This meditative state is essential to move between the conscious and unconscious mind effortlessly; to gain new insights and new learning.

This learning will then be integrated with the help of the cognitive mind to create a new way for you.

  • Wear comfortable clothes so you can move freely.
  • Private Sessions are by appointment.
  • Discounts available when paying for five sessions upfront.  

For more information contact Elisabeth