Do you dare to live YOUR life?


What would happen if you allowed life to move through you?   Moving with versus resisting. Not getting trapped in thoughts and beliefs, judgments and plans.  Just going along with what is. Period!

Sunday morning.  I am waking up.  No agenda, no one to meet..  I move under the covers like a cat, stretching and lengthening .  There is special quality in witnessing the sun rising, while waking up to a new day.  The sun seems to enter me, meeting me where I am.  The fiery ball is inching over the ridgeline, I realize, another year has passed.  Leaves have come and gone, babies been born, -dear friends have died.  Life is given, life is taken.  I sense the depth of that realization, the sun rising and setting whether I watch it or not.  I just happen to notice.   I am so grateful!  Safe and cozy under my down blanket I watch this miracle.  Touched by the simple fact, I am alive right now, moving and breathing.  Please, take a moment and allow yourself to feel your breath… moving in and out, the simple fact of your aliveness.  How does life move through you?

Pause ~ Listen

I treasure this morning.  I am curious. I quietly decide to consciously move with, with what moves me, being,  with what is.  I roll out of bed, it is cold in the house.  I like it that way.  I sleep better.  I switch on the heat,  let the cat in; put the kettle on,  measure 3 spoons of rich, black, whole leaf organic Ceylon Kenilworth tea and add a little extra.  Today I like my tea strong, really dark, black.  My glass teapot allows me to see when it is just the right strength.  The sunrays, pouring through the kitchen window are turning the pot and its content into a piece of art.  “Abstract Illumination“ sounds fitting  I poor the tea,  just enough cream to create a golden brown hue, I love this rich, nurturing color.  I follow the call of the window seat, filled with streaming brilliant sunlight.  It is Sunday.  I am giving myself permission, to move with whatever moves me.  The cat already found the perfect spot.  Is she doing the same experiment?  Moving before thought, noticing how the mind is trying to gain control by making plans. I join Lila on the window seat.  A steaming mug of tea warming my cupped hands, the warmth of the sunrays penetrating my body down to my cold bones.  I lean back, a sip of hot tea making its way down my throat, comforting me from the inside out.  How perfect ! There isn’t a place I would rather be.  There isn’t a person I would rather be.  How simple! Right here, right now.

The cat starts stirring and stretching.  Who gives her instructions in gracefulness, ease and enjoyment? I drop myself on the carpet and start moving in this cat like fashion.  I listen and feel, I move and bend,  playfully attentive.  Nobody watching, but the cat. She doesn’t care.  I let her out.  I follow, my bare feet touching the frosty grass, leaving dark green foot prints.  What voice is yelling at me:  You are catching a cold, put shoes on,  are you crazy!   Yes, maybe!  I feel so alive, energized, the little girl in me starts running,  outrunning the cold.  The trampoline calls me,  it has been lonely since the boys left for college.  I bounce, the black surface feels heavenly to my frozen toes.  A physical therapist told me  once that jumping on the tramp is good for your lymph system.  Who cares?  I am experimenting.  The cat appears at the front door with a mouse.  I decide to check the refrigerator to see what feeds my body.

Where does this contentment come from?  This joy, playfulness and ease?  I like this experiment!  Being I am curious. What would my life be like, if I allowed myself  to move with what is?  Do I dare? What would your life be like, if no one is looking?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

About Elisabeth Lentz

I consider myself a guide on your journey to yourself and how you show up in your relationships to the world and co-create the world in every moment you breathe, which means you are alive on this earth. It includes the physical, emotional and mental body as well as the environment you find yourself in.
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