My Work

image01.jpgAbout my work

My work draws on experiencing and studying many different wisdom traditions reaching from the East to the West, as well as new scientific studies, especially the neuro-plasticity of the brain, which keep emerging at a faster pace daily.  For example, the new findings of the plasticity of the brain, make clear and proof, that we are able to make new neural-connections through conscious practice and therefore are able to transform old patterns and heal old wounds. Today, the flow of subtle energies can be measured and made visible on a computer screen.  These new findings are confirming, what ancient wisdom traditions have known for thousands of years, but now we can grasp it with our analytical and logical minds, which makes it easier to start regaining trust in our inner wisdom body.  My work is all about how to live an embodied, dynamic life with ease. In my studio, I provide a safe container, some call it a sacred space where truth can be explored.  With my gentle guidance, we will enter the realm of creative consciousness.  Opening beyond our egoic-self, so light and shadows can reveal themselves and therefore be experienced and experimented with. Since my work includes the physical body I’ll work with movement and breath.

Practically we will center, by allowing the breath to guide the way.  I might teach you different breathing practices, add movements and imagery to clarify an intention.  My guidance is more like a dance between us, by moving from where you are and to where you want to go, as well as uncovering which is not seen or heard and sensing the infinite possibilities, while allowing all and everything to be included in the healing process.  Remember healing comes from whole and wholeness, health in the sense of feeling whole is what my work is all about.  

Integration, of what has been seen, which happens in a trans-like state, into your present life, is very important cornerstone in my work.   Important learnings and coming up with commitments to yourself, in your daily life, is an essential part of the work and practice.


Feel free to contact me here or 435-640-4885