Up & Down, moving with ease

20180809_230401138_iOSThis article is inspired by Irene Lyon and Elia Mrak. I attended a workshop with them in Vancouver which was called “Up&Down”. I also stayed in a dorm at BCU campus with access to the beach and water, which is so integrating.20180809_230411579_iOS

The average age of the participants was probably 50 plus if not 60 plus. All interested in bringing more ease into their lives on all levels.


Guiding with the ring finger! Quite gentle yet precise. Alternating between being guided and guiding. Have fun and play!

This spoke strongly to me, since I have always believed, and still do, if we can bring ease to our body and movement, it transfers miraculously to our attitude and outlook on life in general, bringing more harmony inside and out. I learned that with aging comes a fear of falling, since we have lost the relationship to the ground. We harden and resist, we strain to stay up. Maybe we all can learn again to return more to the ground and connect with what supports us. Sort of in reverse of what we did as infants trying tirelessly to rise up and stand. UP &DOWN was the topic of the workshop and it made a lot of sense to my body.

I became more aware, how and where I strain and push through limitations, without respect. I started wondering, may be that is not necessary and there is maybe an easier, softer, kinder way to move up & down, forward & back and around. To walk my path with the intention of ease and attention, a flexible focus of opening and closing. Playfully experimenting softening the body, mind and soul. The gentleness towards myself made me feel fluidly strong alive and supported. Moving between and with a group of 30 people, following my way, seeing the other, sensing the whole group, being my authentic self with others, gives me hope for what we humans are capable of.

This being together, moving together, asks for an awareness of self/me, an awareness of you, all the others, everyone and everything, the room, the floor, all included, playing like an orchestra, taking turns, playing solos, playing together, loud, soft, fast, slow, actively resting, creating and playing with each other.  Including and expressing our unique gift and capacity openly, with joy. Everyone watching, so we assume the responsibility of being authentic!  I strongly sensed, that 30 embodied individual beings, are so much more, than the sum of 1+1+1+1+1+1+1…….=30.  30  aware strangers co-existing and interconnecting is a harmonious beautiful wonder and it gives me hope and trust for human kind. I am inspired to practice this in my daily life and have wish to share with ease an easier way of being together.

Moving with Ease and Authenticity

It took me quite some courage to share my first video with you, since it is an experiment and certainly not perfect. Yet, it takes courage not to be perfect and to fail. Somehow I think we would have so much more fun if we would meet each other in our imperfect ways openly and humble. Here is my not so perfect offering, yet maybe you get a sense what I try to share. If this work intrigues you please reach out and we can work together.

Moving with Ease and Authenticity





About Elisabeth Lentz

I consider myself a guide on your journey to yourself and how you show up in your relationships to the world and co-create the world in every moment you breathe, which means you are alive on this earth. It includes the physical, emotional and mental body as well as the environment you find yourself in.
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