Mindful Movement Courses


This course is for anyone who wants to regularly practice with an honest inquiry of becoming fully alive to themselves through “deep looking and listening” as Thich Nhat Hanh would say. “This is an embodied life practice, which includes your body, your emotional life, your thoughts, beliefs and the world you live in.”

As always, my classes are a smorgasbord of modalities, with mindful movement, readings, meditative practices all inspired by breath. It will be physical in a way by looking at the body as a temple of your soul, not an object to be manipulated by stretching and straining into a preconceived shape. How can we be with our bodies as a friend, which supports us in our life purpose?  While moving, we also practice staying awake to our thoughts, emotions, feelings and felt sense.  It will be a gentle and kind, yet disciplined approach in a safe environment.

No drop-ins,  the small group (6 max) stays together for all 7 sessions. The teaching will change according to the need of the individuals. I will be drawing on my studies in Embodiment, Pranayama, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Counseling, Meditation, Chakra Therapy, Trauma Release, Focusing and Generative Coaching to help you find the healing resource within you, to face your present life, from birth to death with authenticity, honesty and in peace.

As always, my classes are courageous journeys, which need an individual commitment. To schedule or for more information contact Elisabeth