The eyes are the window to the soul! (2)

Felt-Sensing and the preciousness of an ordinary touching moment

This popular saying, “the eyes are the windows of the soul” came spontaneously to mind, when I saw a photo, which a dear friend of mine took. We had just finished an unexpected powder run, when we came upon a stash of light, fluffy snow, untracked hidden in the trees. Weaving with ease and flow through the woods, the sense of playfulness took me by surprise. My attention focused and I became curious, what I would find next. I experienced this moment, like I was riding on a mountain creek, flowing over rocks and roots, being touched gently by branches and here another opening to write my signature “S” with elegance and strength. Light sparkling on the snow crystals ever so briefly, while shadows of the trees absorbed me and released me. Treading lightly on these precious grounds, relating and playing with the terrain, a little hump receiving my weight and responding with a light lift only to sink into the next turn. The touch of the ground flowing through me, supporting me and receiving me at the same time. Dancing with the trees, giving me just enough space to feel free, yet setting limits which I gratefully accepted. Gravity becoming my best friend pulling me gently down, the snow deep enough to soften my my weight. It felt like an eternity and then again it felt like the blink of an eye. Eventually I am coming to my final turn out in the open next to my friend. She must have seen, the magic reflected in my goggles. Clearly, the window to my soul had been blown wide open, mirroring the depth of what was flowing through me.
Now a day later, while looking at the photograph, I couldn’t help but being deeply touched of being truly seen by my friend. At this very moment, I was the mountain, the air, the blue sky, the trees, the light streaming through the trees, the shadow. The mountains were me, radiating strength, caringly supporting my play and I was the mountains. The breath moving through me, my eyes guiding the way through this playground. I was a pure feeling of joy, oneness with nature, I was the sun and the sun was me. There was an indescribable simplicity at this very moment, a glimpse of belonging and an openness captured in that instant, all at one with existence.
I am convinced, if I would have taken off the goggles, my eyes would have shined the same way as I felt on the inside. Honestly sharing the inner experience of a fully lived moment with creation and with a very attuned and loving friend. Thanks to her photograph, I remembered. Instantly, my body got flushed with well-being. This glimpse of the goggles reflecting the mountains, made it possible for me to return to this precious moment of wonder, while I was sitting at my desk, feeding back to me how alive I felt. A wave of gratitude arose spontaneously, spreading throughout my body, expanding my chest like trying to make space. Here sitting at my desk, I am able to taste this gratitude and all I want to do is, to send it out to the greater existence, the plant world, the animal world, to all humans, to the mystery and the gift of being alive. Maybe you got touched by it too.
Now, I invite and encourage you, to take a breath and allow yourself to remember a moment, where you felt touched, but you didn’t really have the time to stop and indulge in it. Take a minute right now and feel deeply back into that moment, it can be something very small and ordinary, like drinking a cup of tea, seeing the light coming through the window, a look of loved one, a smile in the grocery store, etc. Bring back one memory, exhale and just be with it. See and sense it with your inner eyes. Feeling the sounds, the smells, the temperature, trying and finding words for its deliciousness, letting your whole organism consciously relive the well-being and wholeness, in all its simplicity and complexity. Sense its preciousness, while giving it its deserved time and acknowledgements. This is what life is, ordinary moments experienced and being expressed to the world through windows of your soul freely. Maybe touching and creating a moment in someone else’s life.
Maybe this could be called true sharing, bringing light and love into the world.

About Elisabeth Lentz

I consider myself a guide on your journey to yourself and how you show up in your relationships to the world and co-create the world in every moment you breathe, which means you are alive on this earth. It includes the physical, emotional and mental body as well as the environment you find yourself in.
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