Post Concussion

image08.jpg“Think Head First”

Post-Concussion Care

Concussions also known as TBI or traumatic brain injury can create havoc in managing your daily life. It is truly a traumatic experience to your physical and nervous system.

What do I mean by relaxing and resting? With these sessions you will learn how to befriend your nervous system and relax at a deeper level than sleep! I guide patients into a state of quiet and stillness through conscious breathing, active and mindful relaxation.  We learn to ground our body, from where we can experience and calm the nervous systems. These sessions are customized to find relief from the symptoms which most often follow a head trauma.  Clients commonly complain about headaches, fatigue, light sensitivity, vision loss, anxiety, depression, insomnia, low energy and frustration.

Please, join Elisabeth Lentz and Justyn Manely for a 1 hour educational, practical meeting!

Although most people consult me to “get rid” of their symptoms, they end up understanding the symptoms and what is the right action to work with them.  In addition they discover tools and methods which become life-long skills to address stress and challenges in their daily life. Sessions are schedule by appointment contact Elisabeth Lentz.  

Many patients are referred to me through Melinda Roalstadt Think Head First

“I am recommending Elisabeth to my concussion patients for Meditation and Relaxation Practices. One of the most important aspects in the initial recovery process from concussive injury is rest and restoration to the brain.  This sounds simple but is probably the most difficult concept for patients to grasp given our brains automatically do so much for us on a constant basis.  Thus, learning how to calm the brain and nervous system to actually allow restoration to occur is first and foremost in the initial process of regaining full function following this injury.  This concept is so underestimated and underutilized yet so valuable not only for this injury but for life.” ~Melinda Roalstadt

Read other patients’ testimonials:

“After having a handful of concussions, working with Elisabeth was a fantastic thing. She was able to “reactivate” and get me feeling better. She really was able to help me to connect with myself and listen to what my body needed. Her work does wonders, and I look forward to hopefully working with her in the future!” Gabrielle

Sessions are schedule by appointment contact Elisabeth.