Chakra Journey

image097-session Journey through the Chakras

Take a life changing journey through your 7 energy centers aka chakras

This is a private one on one course, in which you will be guided through seven energy centers one at a time.  It is like walking through your inner landscape. Each session is a visit with your physical identity, emotional identity, ego identity, your social identity, your expressive identity, your archetypal and universal identity. Exploring the balance or imbalance related to your present daily life and how it is influenced by the psychology of these energy centers and you will explore how to bring balance back into your daily life, integrating it into your working life, family life and relationships.  It is trans-formative work, which generates answers to many of your questions you might have. Together we’ll inquire into the flow or constrictions of life force.

This course includes deep inquiry into your inner life, through mindful movement you bring awareness to neuro-muscular locks, through deep listening and speaking, as taught in focusing, you’ll learn to express what’s truly living in you.   You’ll record your insights through journaling and grow through direct experience.

This is an exciting process to learn about yourself and follows your rhythm and readiness what wants to be addressed and invited in. Most people have done one session per week and use the rest of the week to integrate the insights into their daily lives. Some visitors dedicate a whole week and go through each chakra daily.

If needed we can arrange these sessions to better accommodate your schedule. In this case please sign up for 7 sessions in advance and schedule accordingly.

For appointments or more information please, contact Elisabeth Lentz, 435-640-4885 or