Silent Retreats

image10.jpg“Deep Listening”

Silent Weekend Retreats

How can we start exactly where we are, with all our entanglements, and still develop unconditional acceptance of ourselves instead of guilt and depression? 

~Pema Choedren~

Taking time for reflection and restoration is a valuable gift to give to ourselves.  A silent mini retreat is a call of the heart.  When a group of people come together in a response to this kind of call, it creates a deep shared environment.  This is a rare opportunity to spend a weekend with yourself and others in Silence.  Be curious what will arise.  I will guide you into silence and deep listening, with readings and talks.  I will assist you with sinking in and becoming comfortable with your chatty mind.  I will teach you breathing exercises and guide you in imagery.  I will assist you to allow yourself to ease into silence by releasing some of the busy energy through mindful movement, as well as walking meditation.  Allow yourself to be with what is. And maybe start sensing what is below all this commotion, bringing presence and curiosity to the living moment.  Become aware through all your senses by being committed to silence and honoring this sacred space within you and in community.  Personally, I find a silent retreat to be the most powerful tool in transformation.

Retreats are scheduled throughout the year, for dates and registration or more information please contact Elisabeth.