Mini Retreats

 Voyager Flute Festival 

Create & Rejuvenate Workshop

When?  Saturday, April 7th, 11:15 – 1:30pm.

Where?  Voyager RV Resort, Tucson, Arizona, Catalina Room

Who?  This is beneficial to everyone at every level, even if it’s your first time.

What to bring: An open mind, a blanket or two,  a mat or quilt and pillow for your comfort.  We will be working on the floor.

Fee: $45  Reserve your spot now! Space is limited.

$45  Reserve your spot now! –> 

Please, contacting: if you have questions or call 435-640-4885.

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The Intention for these seminars is to guide you into a state of awareness which allows a waking up to yourself. I invite you to learn about yourself, to sense yourself in your physical body; explore your uniqueness, your preciousness and maybe discover parts in you which might have been forgotten or perhaps are in conflict. Preparing a ground where it is possible for the essence of you to come forth, to be seen, felt, heard and given a chance to inform you;  to empower you so you are able to be with any challenges in your life as they appear and invite a unique, creative, spontaneous conscious action.

Although Mini-Retreats will have different themes, they all include: meditation, deep listening, gentle movements and reflections with the art of breathing.  We will always start from a still, safe ground.  What does it really mean to ground and then stepping into movement initiated by breath?  How do I have a conversation with my inner-life?  

Haiku Poem by Do Hyun Choe:   

Stillness is what creates love.

Movement is what creates life.

To be still

And still moving – That is everything.

These Mini-Retreats are generally 4 hour retreats, where you allow yourself to step away from your daily life. There will be a snack-break halfway through, so you can check in with the group and connect. These small retreats also give you a taste of how a wonderful a 7-day retreat would support your life in the future. Mini-Retreats are scheduled throughout the year. For dates contact Elisabeth Lentz.