Welcome Home – Feeling Blessed

Any direction I look my heart opens, physically expanding, sensing the tissue, the layers between the ribs softening.

I am  allowing the ribs to separate like an accordion, with each breath touching upon another tone, or hue, or taste of what home feels like. Nature couldn’t have provided a better welcome home present. A feast for my eyes, almost overwhelmed by what is coming in, Elisabeth you are home.  This felt sense of home, the warm breeze caressing my skin, the sun warming me from the outside in. My feet feeling the familiar ground, stable, yet softly giving way to every step, the moss resonating with every foot step, bouncing me gracefully around the lake, my  walk feels rich almost royal. The smell of the fresh hay, oh so painfully familiar, the time of the year when as a young child, I yearned to go swimming in the lakes, yet raking the hay, bringing it in on these hot sunny days, till the evening, tending to the fields. Today, my first visit to the lake after crossing the ocean high in the air from far, landing on oh so familiar ground. I greeted by every sensation I have experienced and wished for. The aroma of the hay is sweet and expands the accordion by another octave. I let my body glide into the cool water, eyes wide open, feeling bathed and nourished by the healing moisture. Every limb in my jet-lagged body is coming alive, working together in a harmonious effortless stroke across, under the the water. To the hidden water lilies, pink and regal looking, they remind me of all the Eastern stories of the thousand petal lotus. A sense of that I have always known comes over me, while I float laying on my back, the blue skies as a comforting roof, the powerful mountains, their familiar shapes and peaks, still there for me as they have always been, like a loyal friend always lending an ear, providing me with a wider perspective when the valley became to narrow or dark. Majestically, always waiting for my return, knowing my longing to keep exploring another valley, another ridge, leading me up and down to unknown vistas, finding refuge at during storms and sunshine. The energy surges through my body, carried by the cooling waters. I am amazed how much charge my body can hold, without blowing a fuse. I find the ground next to the lilies,  I touch the muddy ground of the moor, treading the healing soil, releasing air-bubbles to the surface. Air trapped, released, life giving decomposed earth squeezing between my toes. Heaven on Earth, it does exist, you might have to open your heart to the point of hurt, yet my experience is that it releases the pain, just like the moor releases the air-bubbles. Well worth it! Any direction I look, I feel an opening, inside and outside, expanding beyond. A knowing beyond words.


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About Elisabeth Lentz

I consider myself a guide on your journey to yourself and how you show up in your relationships to the world and co-create the world in every moment you breathe, which means you are alive on this earth. It includes the physical, emotional and mental body as well as the environment you find yourself in.
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2 Responses to Welcome Home – Feeling Blessed

  1. Jeanne Coleman says:

    Your words paint such a beautiful experience of “coming home!” Thank you for sharing your greeting by a world you so love! Having had the privilege of being there with you and our other pilgrims–I feel each word deeply! Love to you my treasured friend!


    • elisabethlentz says:

      Dear Jeanne,

      the fruit of the pilgrimage and coming home will be practiced in a 6 session course, during November and December. Check your emails and pass the offering on to friends and family, please.


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