Consciously Roaming The Past

GAP 2014 069

Consciously Roaming the Places of my Upbringing

Gruess Gott my friends, 
I am back in Park City!  After having a memorable time in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and its surroundings, I am home and inviting you all to take part in some conscious movement courses.  What a wonderful experience I had, reconnecting with the roots of my birthplace. The weather gods allowed us to climb the majestic peaks, which have always been my sanctuary when life’s challenges became to overwhelming. We enjoyed delicious foods and the company of family and childhood friends. They are just as young as myself and still playful and up for anything. 
I visited mountain huts and dreamed to bring you all back there. Who knows it might happen?
Robb and I went on a week-long meditation trail, through small villages, down to the river, through a gorge and over the mountains walking without a goal or destination, taking in the hospitality of the people and the peaceful country side one step at a time. On rainy days the plentiful churches and chapels gave us refuge for silent sittings, on sunny days the many benches with the perfect view would allow us to reflect and restore. A pilgrimage off the beaten path, yet so immersed in everyday life. Maybe some of you would like to accompany me sometimes. Remind me if I forget!
Well, I am back and ready to teach again, if you want me to. Some of you have signed up for the courses on line, some had difficulties, some might have totally missed that I have a website. It doesn’t really matter. The weekly Thursday classes are starting this coming week at 8:15 am, I have planned 7 sessions till the end of the year and I am asking for a commitment ahead of time. Contact me for more information or just to check in, Elisabeth

About Elisabeth Lentz

I consider myself a guide on your journey to yourself and how you show up in your relationships to the world and co-create the world in every moment you breathe, which means you are alive on this earth. It includes the physical, emotional and mental body as well as the environment you find yourself in.
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  1. elisabethlentz says:

    Testing reply! I am in awe how technology works, not sure I understand. We will see where connecting with the right intention will lead.


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