Private Sessions

I provide a safe place to address personal issues and offer guidance, as well as coaching, to further personal growth and transformation.                                  Together we determine what is needed to move towards your goals and how to address any inner obstacles that might be in the way.  The method to go about this may include creative, mindful movement, breath work, guided imagery or trance work.  This meditative state is essential to move between the conscious and unconscious mind effortlessly, and to gain new insights and learning.  This learning will be then integrated with the help of the cognitive mind to create a new way for you.

Private sessions can be shared with a friend or partner and help growth in a relationship.  Discounts are available.  See calendar!  All private sessions are by appointment only! For more info contact Elisabeth or read what other people are saying. “Our yoga session yesterday was so effective and wonderful.  When I first started the session, I wasn’t breathing well and had pain in my abdomen.  After our session, my chest had opened up with little pain and my stomach felt much better.  The head and face massage really helped me relax and go deeper.  I always am filled with hope and peace after I leave your house.  Thank you for guiding me through and working with me.  It’s really hard to put into words the peace and light I receive from you.  Thank you again for being my guide.”~Susan~



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