Zion Fall Retreat – October 25 -29, 2018

Invitation to a small, unique Movement & Meditation Retreat with focus on awareness, silence, communal living, walking and exploring your inner-life

Where: Zion Canyon National Park

When: October 25 -29, 2018

Cost: $987

To reserve a spot, please contact Elisabeth how to reserve your spot.

Only space for 10 participants, yet I will keep a mailing list and consider a second retreat.

Dear friends and students of life,

after taking time off to integrate my new studies and while still seeing private clients.  I am excited to announce a Retreat this Fall in Zion National Park.   I discovered this small oasis this spring.  It meets the criteria of your requests, mentioned over the years.  “Keep it small, fresh, unique and in driving distance from Park City.” I know some of you will need to fly in. It is about a 5 hours-drive from Salt Lake Airport or about 4 hours from Las Vegas airport.
Our Villa is located on National Park Land and owned privately. The desert is our backyard and the mesa overlooks the Virgin River Valley. There is room for 8 people plus me or 10, if two couples sign up for a private room with a queen bed. This would also work for close friends, who are comfortable to share a queen bed. Otherwise it will be shared rooms with bunks and twin beds.

The menu is being co-created specially with this retreat in mind by a chef, who will cater it for us. Right now, it is gourmet vegetarian.

A retreat is a time you set aside solely yourself yourself, even if you come with a friend or spouse. Allowing you space to go inward and regenerate your life-energy. This retreat is conscious living with guided practices, movement, walking and sitting meditations,poems, readings, journaling, periods of silence, sharing, meals, play, unscheduled time and rest. All meant to set you free and empower you to make conscious choices. TO LIVE AN AUTHENTIC AWAKENED LIFE.

Once you have signed up, I’ll send out a packing list. I expect evenings and mornings cool, we will do some walking/hiking and outdoor practices, but more on that later. Please, see attached flyer.

Best to contact me directly, so I know to hold your spot for a short time, until I receive your check. I also will start a waiting list. Feel free to share this information.

I am so grateful to be able to offer this unique experience and trust it resonates with you. I start working on putting it on the website, but for now you have first dips.

Please join me on this journey of growing, learning, playing and moving……..Remember, Bavaria, Molokai, now Zion!!!

I look forward to another fabulous meaningful time together, Elisabeth