Mindful Movement Courses

These movement courses are a support for your everyday life-practice.  The movements in this course are geared to bringing awareness to your body and how you personally relate to it.  The movements are basic and there is no physical goal to be achieved.  Except, that your are becoming more and more conscious how your body moves, what emotions are flowing through you and what your thought patterns and beliefs are.  Since this is very individual, you will be working with whatever arises and exploring how your energy flows.  The question we ask is:  “Is what I am doing supporting the quality of my life?”  “Mindful”, “aware”, “conscious”, “slow”, “going-deep-with-ease” are the keywords.  I will move at the level of the course participants and provide readings, music, guided meditation, breathing practices and of course, movement.  And since life moves through us, we want to become aware of how it does, and where it doesn’t.
This is a course, which meets once a week with a commitment for 2 months.  The Group is limited to 6 people.  Click here to register!  Contact Elisabeth for more information or to be put on a waiting list!  Read what other students say:                                                        “Elisabeth has something deep in her that allows her to guide me through every pose with new understanding. She can barely touch me to make a  correction and my whole body realigns. Something that seems so simple has deeply affected my practice and my comprehension of myself.

4 Responses to Mindful Movement Courses

  1. KathyLeitzke says:

    Looking forward to Mindful Movement on Tuesday nights.


  2. Megan Williams says:

    i would like to do this tues nite class and should be good to go by then


    • elisabethlentz says:

      Best is to pay on line so you keep your spot for November and December. Just click on the number and it let’s you pay through paypal.


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