Energy Journey (Chakras)

Explore your inner landscape and use this systematic course as a map for your personal navigation through life!  This course is offered for individuals, couples, and groups, who are interested in doing personal work, while learning about the Chakra system and the flow of the subtle energies.  Learn how these energy centers are formed and how they relate to the developmental stages and psychology of western early childhood development.  This will help you to identify generational patterns and beliefs.  The course allows one to focus on a certain personal issue, or it can be a general exploration for personal growth and transformation.  I will guide you in mindful movement, sometimes basic yoga poses (no yoga experience necessary) and breathing exercises.  Each energy center also relates to certain body parts, glands and organs.  We will explore what effects the subtle energy flow, or lack of it, can have on your health.  This study also addresses the psychology of the main Chakras as well, and is a useful map to explore the whole system, both physically and mentally, in a wholesome and integrative way.
A private course maybe scheduled by appointment.  One session a week for seven weeks has proven to be very effective.  Of course, it can be condensed or stretched out depending on the individual need.  For out of town visitors, it can be experienced in a seven-day course.  For more information contact Elisabeth or read what other people are saying.

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