Elisabeth’s Practitioner’s Story

Before you read this story, I invite you to pause. Remember, it is just a story, just like any story.  You could be reading your story.  Maybe, write your own story, the one which you have been telling others and yourself all these years.  Write your story down.  Notice how you write it, depending on who is going to read it.  Take a highlighter and mark your lessons.  Realize, this is history.  Right this very moment you are creating a new story, consciously or unconsciously:  your life story.  Do you have the courage to create your story?  A story that resonates with your deepest being, taking full responsibility for your actions, thoughts and words?  Be honest, are you maturing and growing, or just replaying old records, over and over again?

Since everyone likes stories, here you go:

Early in my life, I studied education with an emphasis on childhood development.  In Germany, this is an in-depth study of each phase of growing-up, so we can support the child.  This discipline provides the developing child with the appropriate care, play, guidance, art, independence, freedom, relationship-building, speech, etc. that they need.  I was very intrigued by psychology at that point in my life (and continue to study psychology to this day), yet I abandoned the formal study, since I was disappointed by the teachers and psychologists who talked, yet didn’t walk their talk themselves.  I wanted to use my hands; so, I embarked on a hand-weaving apprenticeship to feed my hands their need.  This crafts degree opened the door to work at the U.S. Armed Forces Recreation and Arts Center in my hometown of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  There I taught textiles, from weaving, spinning, dying, and knitting to painting on silk to soldiers on military leave.  Without the official title and job description, I practiced psychotherapy, while working with yarn, releasing postwar anxieties in soldiers.

After moving to the United States, I practiced my knowledge of early child development with my two sons, used my love for skiing to work with inner city kids, designed a recreation program for the elderly and kept my studies up in psychology, always applying it to everyday life.  I also developed a regular yoga practice to support my body, so it could keep up with all the demands I put on it.  During my yoga teachers’ training, I was introduced to the chakra energies and had this strong feeling that this is the key to bringing it all together.  I studied all I could find.  Yes!  All my lifelong learning, which seemed sort of disconnected and without a specific goal, made sense all of a sudden.  The puzzle pieces fell into place.  I had a strong desire to share this experience and Mountain Meditation on KPCW was my first outlet.  At the same time my private practice was growing.

I am fully present when I teach and coach.  My mission is to share this knowledge, while continuously learning what it means to be fully alive and aware every moment, and staying true to myself.  I also return to the source in accessing the subtle energies, and to the psyche through the physical body, while removing blockages.  I use movement, meditation, and self inquiry into the unique self, which enables each individual to make the changes needed to truly feel alive.

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