Awaken To Your Day ~ Weekly Course~

To see every moment as new, is like a young child having a “first-time” experience.  What will this new day bring?  What will happen next?  Who will cross my path?  How will I be relating to others?  How will I show up today?   This is an hour of guided awakening.  Waking up to your body, to your senses, to your breath, to yourself, and to the opportunity of entering the day open to what is and what is possible.  I will guide you gently into a state of deep looking, listening and sensing, and, into a state of creative consciousness, which might allow you to shine a light on what is your true nature, as well as your beliefs and patterns.  It is an hour of very gentle mindful movement, meditation, inquiry, and inward looking!  Be ready to create the new day consciously.

Feel free to roll right out of bed and into the studio; come in your pajamas if you like, and have a conscious cup of tea.  If you need to go to work, feel free to get ready at my house.

For more information, date and time contact Elisabeth

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