Welcome to Restore Balance! Take a breath, exhale, let down and look honestly, yet caringly inside, at what is asking you to be healed. Deep inside all of us, we know there is someone we were meant to be. And we can feel when we’re becoming that person. The reverse is also true. We know when something is off and we are not the person we were meant to be. Consciously or not, we are all on a quest for answers while life teaches us lessons along the way.

My question is: How can I, as a Coach and Workshop Leader, assist you to find your way through your challenges and discomforts and open up to the possibilities of healing and growth through your creative expression? How can I help people to dive deeper than the ordinary cognitive state of consciousness, that is the usual mode for interaction for solving problems in our culture? How can I guide you to your own source of wisdom, accessing creative generative consciousness?   What does it take for you, to gain insight and find solutions, specific to your situation which will lead to integration and wholeness in your life and relationships? I am committed, to this kind of transformative work in my personal life as well as in my students’ and clients’ lives. This approach can heal not only each individual on their path, but ripples out into the community and world in which we all live.

I strongly believe, by healing yourself you heal the world.


About Elisabeth Lentz

I consider myself a guide on your journey to yourself and how you show up in your relationships to the world and co-create the world in every moment you breathe, which means you are alive on this earth. It includes the physical, emotional and mental body as well as the environment you find yourself in.
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